Star Wars Yoda Desk Protector


Yoda Desk Protector Star Wars is a great way to warn outsiders from visiting your desk while you are absent.

  • USB powered
  • Yoda stands at a height of 6 inches from base
  • Six Yoda phrases are used to warn people around your desk

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Very few people are not aware of the sci-fi series Star Wars. If you have watched the series then you will certainly have an idea its characters. One of the popular ones is the green Jedi master named Yoda. Can you imagine how great it would be if this Jedi master was present to protect your cubicle from preying eyes and inquisitive hands?

Presenting the Yoda Desk Protector Star Wars. This device is especially designed to keep your desk safe from unwanted people. Simply plug in the device to your computer through the USB port and see how it warns people within a distance of 2m to 3m in its own language. It uses several of its Star Wars phrases to keep unwanted people away, such as “A disturbance in the Force there is”, “Still much to learn you have”, and “So certain of defeat are you, hmmm?”

This device is a lovely gift to a friend who likes Star Wars. You may also keep one on your desk if you think that people are always eager to visit your workstation in your absence. It’s also ideal for kids between from 3 years onwards.

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