Self-Balancing Scooter


The Self-Balancing Scooter is an electric two-wheel vehicle cabable of transporting humans. Unlike the traditional Segway, this device works without handle bars. It has the following features:

  • Max speed 7-8 mph
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Fast charging
  • Easy to learn
  • Robust design

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Will humans ever walk using their own legs again once these self-balancing scooters become a mainstream reality? That is a very good question, as these things are increasing in popularity quickly whilst getting more and more affordable.

With no handle bars, these two-wheeled transportation devices don’t require hands at all unlike the traditional Segway. They have no official name yet, but you can find these generic Chinese devices under names such as ‘Self Balancing Scooter’, ‘Mini Segway’ or ‘Smart Scooter’.

The scooter has a robust build quality and feels very solid with a weight of 27 pounds. The package comes with a user manual, charging cable and the main unit. The device is small enough to put in your backpack to carry it with you where ever you are going, such as the underground of your office.

This smart scooter is able to travel at a speed of 7-8 miles per hour, which is pretty fast considering the average jogging speed is around 4-6 mph. It is able to carry a maximum charge of 220 pounds and has an amazing range of 15 miles. Like with modern smartphones, getting a full charge only takes a couple of hours.

According to people who have tested it such as Ben in the video, learning to ride these things is surprisingly easy: Hit the power button, gently step on the platform one foot at a time and get going. The black rubber pads work like touch-sensitive buttons, turning on the motors when enough pressure is applied. These things certainly make you feel like you’re in the future!

Video credit: Ben Schmanke


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