Rockboard Descender


For you skateboard enthusiasts who want to test their skills off-road, the Rockboard Descender All-Terrain Skateboard is the ultimate challenge.

  • Innovative design
  • All terrain skateboard
  • Wheels inspired from tank treads
  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Constructed with Wood and Aluminum

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The Rockboard Descender All-Terrain Skateboard has a killer design and awesome features that will definitely blow away any skateboard fan. Designed precisely for all terrains, this particular skateboard is capable of providing a perfect ride no matter how rough the road is.

It has four tank-like treads as wheels and a strong aluminum base, which ensures smooth and hassle-free ride over slippery and uneven terrain. So, with Rockboard Descender there is no need to wait for the perfect weather or to find a suitable skating surface. Its heavy-duty wheel sets are covered with rubber to providing better traction and control while going downhill. The board itself is made of strong and lightweight wood, just like any other skateboard.

This skateboard can easily support a person up to 200 pounds, and its treads can tilt up and down, giving a smooth and stable ride even in off-road conditions. Although it is a bit heavier than normal skateboards, it shouldn’t be a concern when considering all the advantages it provides. The overall look and feel of this product is great and it surely holds the ability to withstand any kind of abuse. With such a promising and innovative skateboard, there are endless possibilities to improve your skills and feed your skating passion.

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