Rainbow Night Light


Enter a magical and colorful world with the Rainbow in My Room light projector. Just put it in your room, turn it on, and stand in awe of the seven colors of the rainbow.

  • Creates a rainbow affect at walls and ceilings with its projector
  • Built-in multi colored LEDs
  • Switch on with easy to push button

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Uncle Milton’s Rainbow in My Room provides a simple way to add a pleasant atmosphere to your room with a mesmerizing rainbow effect. With this little thing, you can easily create a beautiful rainbow landscape all over the walls and ceiling in your room. If you’ve got kids, it will certainly light up your their mood and make their rooms a more pleasant place to hang out in.

It requires 4 AAA batteries to create a perfect rainbow but if you are reluctant to buy new batteries each time, an optional jack for AC adapter is also included with this gadget. This product is well-constructed and durable enough to light up your room for years to come. Since it’s so easy to use, it’s a great gift for your kids. All you need to do is just a button and you’ll enter a world of rainbows.

With Uncle Milton’s Rainbow in My room, your young ones need not to be afraid of the dark anymore. If they need more rainbows, just buy another one and you’ll have a double rainbow that they can be proud of showing off on YouTube.


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