Port Sippers


Love the idea of drinking port in an ‘old fashioned’ way? The Oenophilia Porto Sippers are the best choice to relive the good old days.

  • Made of Hand-blown lead-free glass
  • Unique design
  • Holds 2.75 ounces of liqueur or port
  • Enhances the delicate flavor of port

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Give your taste buds a delightful treat with these Oenophilia Porto Sippers. These sippers are crafted with lead-free hand blown glass and so they are 100% safe. The most amazing part is their design, which is inspired from 17th century serving accoutrements. It surely is a fantastic way to savor desert wine, liquor and port.

Each sipper has a perfect height of 3.5” and can hold 2.75 ounces. Apart from its elegant design, you will experience a whole new world of flavor while tasting port. These port sippers are unique and are capable of serving as a perfect conversation piece for your party or family get together. In addition, they may turn out to be a perfect gift for wine lovers.

Oenophilia Porto sippers are created using an ancient concept, which is that while you take the first sip, you would certainly feel the difference in taste and flavor. Since they are delicate, you should be careful while handling and washing them. These port sippers will elevate the overall impression of your dining table. The size of each sipper is suitable for serving wine and port, so before throwing a party with your friends make sure to buy these port sippers and surprise them with your elegant choice.

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