Pooch Pants Dog Diapers


Save your carpets and cushions from the awful smell of dog waste. These Pooch Pants Dog Diapers work great to prevent accidents in your home and makes cleaning up really easy.

  • Reusable and washable
  • Durable – 300 washings are guaranteed

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The Pooch Pants Dog Diapers are diapers are wonderfully designed for dogs and don’t need inserts. They come with an elastic waist and Velcro flaps that make them fit dogs of all sizes. Even if your dogs don’t seem to really like it at first, they’re going to love it within a few minutes.

These diapers have excellent capacity for absorption, as not even a single drop will leak without ever having to put in inserts. However, you can put inserts inside the diaper to avoid washing the diaper every time your dog answers the call of nature.

The Pooch Pants Dog Diapers are durable, so you can expect them to be with you for a long time as the product comes with guaranteed 300 washings. The diapers don’t just absorb the pee but it also contains the odor, so you won’t really smell much even when the diaper is loaded.

If you’ve got young puppies or old dogs, then you’ll definitely need one of these. Young and old dogs tend to have difficulties controlling their bladders, so do them a favor and have them wear a diaper.


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