Pixelated Sun Glasses


Everyone loves to buy a new pair of shades once in a while, but what better could you ask for than these limited edition black matter pixelated future sunglasses?

  • Acetate based frame and non-polarized glass
  • Metal hinges for durability
  • UV protected polycarbonate lens

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Pixilated items aren’t limited to your all-time favorite indie game Minecraft but they are also ‘in’ these days. These fashion glasses are blocky and make you look just like a character from a classic 8-bit video game. Once you look in the mirror, you are definitely going to feel as if you are inside a some kind of video game.

These stylish sunglasses are perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd but also be fashionable. Pixilated Sun Glasses are made of high quality materials that ensure that stay with you for a while. The frame is made of acetate based material while the hinges are made of durable metal, so you won’t have to worry about breaking these glasses in case you over extend its arms. The lens has UV protection so it will keep your eyes safe even when you are out in the direct sunlight.

Pixilated Sunglasses are a huge fashion statement and will have heads turning wherever you go. Show off your geeky side with these stylish glasses, which come in different colors as well.

Video credit: BoomTeeVee


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