Phantom USB Keystroker Prank


Drive your peers insane by making their computer print scrambled text, generate random mouse movements, and switch the caps lock – all by just plugging in this evil USB prank into their computer.

  • Works on most computers including Mac and Linux
  • Keyboard, mouse, and caps lock prank
  • Adjustable duration between annoying events
  • Only available from the US


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You can now make your friends and colleagues go nuts by just plugging in a USB device into their computer. This Phantom Keystroker Prank USB device works on most computers, allowing you to use it on almost anyone. The caps lock feature doesn’t work with Macs but the other features work just fine. It also works on most Linux distributions, which means you can make the fun out of even the geeks around you.

This keysroke prank USB has three switches on the side to control its functions. One switch lets you switch on Caps locks prank, the other one is for keyboard prank, while the third one is for mouse prank. You also have an additional switch on the side to adjust the time delay between these annoying events.

The USB will cause the victim’s computer to type odd text and create random mouse movements. If the caps lock switch is on and the USB isn’t plugged into a Mac, the victim PC’s caps lock will keep changing its status automatically at a pre-defined interval. This also makes a great prank for your friends who are trying to write their essays.

Video credit: Young Media Productions


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