Pet Hoodie


Do you want your pet dog or cat to look more like humans? Put this Pet Hoodie on them and they’ll look absolutely adorable. It’s made of 100% pure cotton and has kangaroo-style back pockets.

  • Comes in attractive navy blue color
  • Ribbed waist and sleeves for a perfect fit
  • Easy to wash

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The Pet Sweatshirt Hoodie includes kangaroo-style back pockets and adjustable waist and sleeves. This hoodie can fit snugly on any medium-sized cat or dog and make them look more like you while protecting them at the same time. The hoodie is available only in navy color, unfortunately.

This hoodie is made of pure cotton and will deliver maximum comfort, even in humid weather. It also comes with a hang tag and a hanger so that you can easily hang it in your pet’s wardrobe. You can easily wash the hoodie in a washing machine in cold water along with your regular laundry, so there’s no need to take special care of this.

Since the Pet Hoodie is soft and comfortable, your pet will want to keep it on even when it’s sleeping. If you live in a cold area, your pet will probably appreciate wearing this hoodie and enjoy staying warm. Compared to traditional pet sweaters, this hoodie is not itchy since it’s made only out of cotton. It’s unlikely that you’ll find your pet scratching itself and trying to tear off this hoodie like what happened with those ugly sweaters you’ve been trying to get it to wear all these years.


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