Paintball Machine Gun


Wipe out your enemies quickly with this Paintball Machine Gun. This automatic paintball shooting machine will make all the difference for anyone who’s serious about winning a paintball war.

  • Uses Q-loader automatic paintball feed system
  • Airgun Designs Automag RT Pro Paintgun replicated paintball machine gun
  • Level 10 anti-chop bolt
  • Easy to use with an ultra-light trigger
  • Only available from the US



If you love to play paintball, this is your chance to wow your friends with this amazing Paintball Machine Gun. It has an All-American barrel and can fire in both semi-automatic and full auto modes. You can’t possibly lose a game with this monster in your hands in a paintball arena.

This gun is for players who like to stay in the back line in a paintball game. These players often provide cover to the front players, so their guns need to be heavy, powerful and capable of shooting a lot of paintballs. This gun has all these features and will make a perfect addition, as it’s life-like heavy and easy to fire accurately. Grab one of these and you’ll be a legendary back player.

The Breda 8mm is a tactical machine gun that makes use of QLoader system. This system means the gun can carry a lot of rounds at a time, letting back gunners shoot barrages of paint for a long time without requiring them to constantly reload.


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