Ostrich Pillow


Not being able to sleep in a public place is a thing of the past. You can now enjoy easy power naps by replacing your pillow with the Ostrich Pillow. c This is an original and authentic product that delivers comfort as promised.

  • Flexible fabric is filled with soft micro balls
  • Let’s you enjoy a cozy and private sleep through its unique design
  • Perfect for taking a nap anywhere
  • Support for your arms
  • This is the authentic and original version, but there are cheaper copies available on Amazon US and Amazon UK as well.

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The Original Authentic Ostrich Pillow is made of flexible fabric that’s filled with micro balls. This pillow is designed in a way that it can create a personal space for you, no matter where you want to take a nap. A support goes under your head and another one provides resting area for your arms while separating your head from arms. You simply push it on your head from above by dragging the opening over your face for breathing. It’s quite easy to setup and will hold its place even if you move around a bit.

This pillow comes in a grey color and the fabric itself is cool and soothing, which offers maximum comfort for a quick nap. As a result, you can easily enjoy personal naps even in a public place. Just put the pillow on in your office or at a bus station and enjoy a peaceful rest. It provides rest for your arms or hands depending on your posture and weighs only 1.8 pounds, so it’s not heavy on your shoulders and is easy to carry around with you.

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