NukAlert Nuke & Radiation Detector


The NukAlert Nuke & Radiation Detector will let you know if there are any suspected dangerous levels of radiation detected. It will signal a sound to make sure you are prepared for it.

  • Always On- 24/7
  • Ten year Warranty
  • Detection Range – 100mr/hr – 5000r/hr
  • Can be attached to any keychain
  • Only available from the US, but similar products are on Amazon UK



There are many sources of danger that someone can be exposed to that we may not be aware about. The NukAlert Nuke & Radiation Detector is one of the most effective ways to detect potential deadly radiation wherever you are.

Most of the customers were able to test their product by visiting the dentist and having it go through an x-ray. Maybe a better way to test it would be on your smoke alarm, which uses a small amount of radiation to detect smoke.

The makers of this product offer ten years of warranty, so the tiny battery inside of it will last for at least that long. While there are some unavoidable cases where the batteries might die out on you, you can just contact the company through their website and they will notify you how to process the battery replacement.

Having this NukAlert Nuke & Radiation Detector will make you feel safer and aware of the possible dangers out there, so investing in one of these is recommended, especially if you suspect World War III is coming up soon.

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