Nintendo Monopoly


This Nintendo Monopoly board game is a great addition to your gaming collection. If you love playing the characters on the classic Nintendo games, then you’ll love this.

  • Includes seven collectibles popular Nintendo themed tokens
  • Traditional Monopoly game play with Nintendo characters

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If you love monopoly and love the classic Nintendo game characters, then someone must have heard your prayers and put together this fantastic board game, Nintendo Monopoly. This board game includes 6 themed tokens that are from the characters of different popular games from Nintendo.

The rules are the same as the classic Monopoly, but the characters, design, tokens and other things and properties that you can acquire are based on the Nintendo game theme. This has the seven most popular game characters in the world of Nintendo, which includes Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Kirby, Samus and a few others.

Having this game at home not only makes a good collector’s item, but is also great for keeping your kids busy with instead of spending hours on the computer or tablets. Not only they will learn something new, this game also develops your kids’ understanding when it comes to handling money. Well, kids ages 8 and up, anyway.

A lot of kids and nostalgic adults would definitely love to have this, so you might want to consider this as a gift for anyone who’s a gamer at heart.

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