Nintendo Cartridge Flask


This concealable Nintendo Cartridge Flask is best for geeks who need to constantly stay hydrated, or hammered. Put whatever you want in there, be it Mountain Dew or Vodka, and have people wonder why you’re putting a video game to your mouth.

  • Thick and High Quality Plastic
  • Nintendo Game Cartridge Design
  • BPA Free, Safe for Drinking
  • Hand Wash to Clean

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There are times when you just really can’t help yourself and need to have a few sips of your favorite drink. This Nintendo Cartridge Flask is great for alcohol, especially if you are suffering from withdrawal. Why would you need to conceal water or juice?

The Super Bar-Hop Brothers Cartridge Flask not only hides the real content inside of it, but it also designed like the retro gaming cartridge from the all time favorite, Nintendo. From what it looks like, this could be the latest game from the Mario Brothers when they became older and started to drink in different bars at night. It’s quite a leap from saving Princess Peach, huh?

While it definitely looks like one the old cartridges that we used to have when we were younger, this flask is made with the safest materials to ensure it can be used to drink different kinds of beverages. If you are planning to give it to someone, make sure they’re old enough to know about the old Nintendo gaming console, otherwise it wouldn’t be as awesome.

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