Naked Butler Wine Holder


This Naked Butler Wine Holder by BigMouth will definitely make your wine drinking session more fun. You will always have a naked butler to hold your wine and keep you company as you enjoy each sip.

  • Holds 750ml wine bottle
  • Gag gift
  • Made of Resin material
  • Fun display at home

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They say that drinking wine moderately on a regular basis is actually good for you, and this is why a many people enjoy a glass of wine, especially when having a good chat with your friends or loved ones.

To make your wine drinking experiences even better, this funny naked butler with toned muscles and a 6 pack can hold your wine for you in case you’re too drunk. Don’t worry though; all his obscenities will be covered by the wine bottle so you can enjoy your wine in peace. It makes sense that he’s so buff, considering he must carry something five to ten times his own weight.

The Naked Butler Wine Holder is also great as a present since the packaging already comes in a cool box. The person who will receive this will have a good laugh and would definitely enjoy it. The butler might be useful to hold champagne bottles too; just give it a good shake and let the butler do the deed. What could make a more memorable celebration?


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