Multi Tool Hair Clip


The Multi Tool Hair Clip gives you the ability to do some handy work in case of emergencies. This hair clip features a screwdriver, wrench, ruler as well as a cutter.

  • Multipurpose hair clip
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Can be used as hair clip

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At times that your hair becomes messy, you might need a hair clip for a quick fix. But in times that you might be in a situation where you need a screwdriver, for example for fixing your loose eye wear, your hair clip can do it. If you need to draw a straight line and rulers can’t be found anywhere, just take your hair clip off of your head and use it!

Of course you might find it hard to imagine how all of these tools can fit in to one hair clip, but they managed to do it. One would think this hair clip would be extra-large since it features so many tools, but it just looks like an ordinary hair clip with tiny little tools built-in.

This Monkey Business Clippa Mini Tools Clip is a great tool for tomboys who love to explore a lot of things in the garage, or perhaps any girl who could use some tools for self-defense. While you would really be able to use the clip on the hair, the mini tools that come with it are really what are valuable.

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