Moving Cat Tail Car Decal


The Moving Cat Tail Car Decal is a fun way to add some humor to your car’s rear window wiper. The cat’s tail is placed on the wiper itself so that when it moves, it looks as if a cat is moving its tail as well.

  • Design available: Happy and Grumpy Cat
  • Easy to apply
  • Size: 10 inchees

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Cats are just so adorable that a lot of people love having them for a pet. Of course there are times when they would massacre your couch or any other furniture that they lay their eyes on, but when you try to make them explain, their face would suddenly turn into pity-me look and suddenly your anger is gone. Now you can have one on the back of your car, without the mess and frustration!

The Moving Cat Tail Car Decal is great even if you don’t have cats at home, although it would be wonderful if you have a cat that looks exactly like the one on the sticker. Cats hate water most of the time, but this hitchhiking cat doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. Its tail moves along your rear window wiper so you will always see it dangling in the rear view mirror.

This car decal comes in two faces of the cat, although some people wished the face would automatically become grumpy as you increase the speed of the wiper. Unfortunately this isn’t possible right now, plus having two choices is fine anyway. The Moving Cat Tail Car Decal is also relatively inexpensive too, so that you can grab a bunch of these for your families and friends who you think will love the idea.

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