Motorized Ice Cream Cone


Tired of turning your cone every time you’re having your favorite ice cream cone treat? The Motorized Ice Cream Cone rotates itself so that you don’t have to, which means more ice cream and less mess.

  • Turns on its own
  • Detachable
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Only available from the US



If you love eating ice cream on cones but are too lazy to constantly turn it around, then you must have this amazing Motorized Ice Cream Cone. All you need to do is keep eating your ice cream until there’s nothing left at all.

The Motorized Ice Cream Cone automatically rotates as you lick the ice cream. It has a button that you can press so that it spins for you, which is a lot easier than manually turning it. It looks like a frosted cone finish and you can even see the motor inside, which is not really an issue since some people even say it makes it look better.

Lollipop lovers may want to try this too, although it’s not guaranteed to hold one properly. Most parents love this idea since their kids don’t spill ice cream and make a huge mess. The only real challenge is choosing which side you should lick first. Did you know there’s actually a specific condition that occurs when you bend your neck too much while eating ice cream? With the Motorized Ice Cream Cone, all you have to do is stick your tongue out and let this magical cone work for you.

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