Moonlight Cushion


The Moonlight Cushion is not just an ordinary pillow, as it will also illuminate your bed with various colors. These comfortable battery operated pillows are great as gifts or just to add a funky style to your bed, especially when the lights are off.

  • Ultra soft pillows
  • Different color tones
  • Tap to turn on and off
  • 3 AA batteries required

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Does your bed look dull after a while with the same pillows and sheets? Do you wish there’s something more to look forward to every night? The Moonlight Cushion could help you in this department by lighting up your bedroom. Your nights will never be the same!

These pillows are so soft and cuddly that you’d want them beside you all the time but that’s not the whole story here. It lights up and changes colors from time to time and looks even better if you turn off the lights. This also makes a great gift, especially for girls who love to have sleepovers.

Some people who have purchased this use it on their ‘make out’ bed, which is quite interesting. When the lights are off and two people are intimately making love, the nice colors are a perfect addition to a romantic evening. However, just make sure the batteries still have juice in them; otherwise you might hurt each other at some point. One thing to note: dogs love them too, so if you have a dog that loves to party, keep it away.

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