Micro Luggage Scooter


Avid travelers will never again be tired of going around the airport with their heavy luggage. The Micro Luggage Scooter features a sturdy luggage and kickboard so you can scoot around to save you time and energy before your travels.

  • Designed for adults
  • Fits most over-head bins
  • Scooting features
  • Approved for hand luggage in most airlines

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The Micro Luggage Scooter is yet another practical way of making your travel experience as easy as possible. Instead of hauling your luggage with you all over the airport, you can now turn it into a scooter and glide your way through. All you need to do is sort your things inside the luggage and then the rest is magic. You’ll have less stress while waiting and can take more time to enjoy some exploration.

Another great thing about having this is if in case you spot suspicious people, you can easily chase them as if you’re an airport cop. Also, you might want to make sure you don’t leave your luggage unattended as some kids will try to play with it.

While the price is a little on the expensive side, the greatest advantage of getting one of these would be the ability to travel more quickly and lightly. Plus, this product will last for years, and most airlines would allow it as your hand-carry luggage.

Video credit: Anil Polat


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