Melting Clock


Telling the time has never been this art inspired. Created by Can You Imagine, this Melting Clock not only tells the time, but also gives your clock a whole new look and feel.

  • Chrome plated
  • 1 AA battery required
  • Precision quartz movement

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‘Time is money’ is what people like to say, but couldn’t it also be chrome or maybe melting at some point? Can You Imagine, the makers of this artistic Melting Clock, must have been inspired by ‘The Persistence of Memory’, a surreal painting that illustrated clocks melting from the heat.

Although it has the full functionality of any ordinary clock, the melting effect makes a great decorative addition to any room, as it can be placed in almost any part of the house. However, it would probably look best in the kitchen, on the side of the tables or shelves too.

If you live in a place where it’s usually hot then this clock is the perfect thing for you, especially if you place it near a microwave or the oven. Anyone who sees it would have to take a second look to make sure that it is in fact not melting. This clock is also reasonably priced so perhaps you can get it as a gift for someone else; they’ll love the idea for sure and will have a good laugh as they start using it.

Video credit: ZEN Pothima


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