Marshmallow Blaster Gun


If you enjoy marshmallows or a good gunfight with your friends, surely you will enjoy the Marshmallow Fun Duck Commander Blaster that shoots one large marshmallow at a time.

  • Marshmallow used as bullets
  • No injury or pain upon impact
  • Hours of fun while playing

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Don’t you know? The new thing that kids do nowadays is shoot marshmallows at each other. It used to be water guns, but thanks to the Marshmallow Fun Duck Commander Blaster, a lot of people prefer marshmallows bullets nowadays. Of course you shouldn’t eat the marshmallows on the floor after you missed your shot, but you can definitely use it to reload your gun again.

This Marshmallow Gun Blaster isn’t just only for the kids, as there are some adults that really love eating those fluffy marshmallows and reminisce their childhood as they try to shoot everybody that gets in their way.

If you’re good at aiming while your opponents are good at eating, surely your enemies will gain weight fast every time they try to catch your marshmallows in their mouths, which is definitely not easy unless you’re a pro.

The Marshmallow Gun Blaster is a unique gift that you can give your kids or friends and family, regardless of whether they are guys or girls. Having this for a backyard party or outdoor event would be awesome as well, since people watching you and your deadly marshmallow gang would be totally jealous.

Video credit: Glen Lentz


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