ManGroomer Extreme Reach


The ManGroomer Ultimate Pro back shaver is specially made for guys who have a bunch of hair on their backs. This easy to use back shaver effectively shaves and cleans the back without causing pain.

  • Angle Lock
  • Includes 2 Flex Heads
  • Great for hard to reach areas
  • No need for assistance



If you feel like there’s a community of unknown species living in your hairy back, then you might want to try shaving it as soon as possible before this becomes a problem. The ManGroomer Extreme Reach is designed to extend and reach all the places on your back to get rid of annoying hair.

It’s got multi-functional flex heads that makes shaving effortless since you will be able to adjust both sides of the neck to always reach the place you need to shave. There are so many people, especially country folk, who grow a lot of hair on their backs and most of them are not happy with the idea of waxing them. With this tool, you won’t ever have to think about waxing and avoid the painful and embarrassing trip.

For guys who have a special condition where their back hair grows really fast after shaving, there’s no need to worry since the ManGroomer Extreme Reach has a quick charge battery. You won’t have to worry about conserving batteries and can just use it as much as you need it. You’ll love the comfort and functionality this gadget provides.

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