LighterBro Multi Tool Lighter Sleeve


This lighter sleeve from LighterBro is like a mini Swiss Army knife for your lighter. With its matte black color, it’s definitely a very stylish and functional tool to have.

  • Sharp scissors
  • Can opener
  • Micro screwdriver
  • Sharp knife
  • Stainless Steel
  • Only available from the US



For times when there is a loose thread showing on your new shirt, a beer of ice cold bottle waiting to be opened, loose eyeglasses before a business presentation and even untrimmed nails in a dinner party, you don’t need to call 911 for help; all you need is the LighterBro Multi Tool Sleeve.

This lighter sleeve not only holds your cigarette partner, but it also provides you with fully functional tools that are very useful in your day to day activities. What if you suddenly receive a package while on your way to work? Can you open the box when it’s sealed tight? Of course you’ll need a knife, and what better way than to get a reliable one straight from your pocket? Sweet!

It comes in a matte black color which makes it easy for you to hide any scratches and dirt that might get on it over time. The tools themselves are made of stainless steel to give you the quality that you expect to make this lighter sleeve a keeper. You can also buy this item as a gift, especially for your dad, husband, other male friends or even your female friends who would appreciate its functionality.

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