Light Up Solar Bricks


If you have a garden and want to light them up at without a bunch of wires, then the Light Up Solar Bricks can help you with that. These solar powered glass bricks are self-sustained and will let you see your beautiful garden in the night.

  • Solar powered
  • Built in 750mah rechargeable batteries
  • Can be stepped on
  • Easy to install

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For most people, they usually appreciate their garden in the morning where they can see everything vividly and lively. However, its beauty vanishes in the night unless there is proper lighting set up. Perhaps you’ve got a nice little outdoor coffee table to enjoy your lovely plants but can’t see a darn thing at night.

The Light Up Solar Bricks offers a great way to showcase how creative and lovely your garden is. These bricks will automatically turn on when the sun goes down and does not need any power to work. Its sturdy brick glass design can be stepped on, which is great if you use this in your garden’s path way. Just make sure you are not wearing a see-through skirt as you pass by it as people might notice that you have your own garden down there.

You can place these solar bricks anywhere around the house. For example, if you have a few steps in your backyard or your porch, use them to light up the way. However, just make sure you know how many Light Up Solar Bricks you bought, since you might start noticing your neighbor’s garden lighting up as yours is getting darker as the days go by.

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