LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


The LifeStraw is an award winning water filter from Time magazine. As the invention of the year, it will help people in emergency situations who usually go on outdoor adventures by filtering water to drink even from puddles and streams.

  • No after taste
  • Removes known bacteria in the water
  • No waiting time
  • Light weight, fits most bags for traveling

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Have you ever gone hiking or camping with family and friends and suddenly realized you’re all out of water? Yeah, probably not, but what if you did? While people prepare their things whenever they travel, there are times that you might miscalculate the amount of water that you’ll need, especially if you’re planning on going on a more risky adventure.

The concept of the LifeStraw is pretty simple: in case you need water and can’t find anything but a stream, all you have to do is to submerge the half of the Life Straw and wait for it to release the filtered water, which will be ready for you to sip.

A lot of people actually wondered if they can use this to filter their own urine, which could be useful in life or death emergencies, the LifeStraw manufacturer clearly states that urine not recommended, as well as water from the ocean.

This product was actually designed to help people from Africa drink filtered water as most of their water resources are contaminated. There have been a lot of reports of epidemic in their country and starting with fresh water is one step closer to their healthier living.

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