Lego Block Slippers


The Lego Block Slippers are super comfy indoor slippers with a fluffy Lego block on top of it that’s sure to draw the attention of any Lego fan.

  • One size fits most
  • Comfy and warm
  • Available in color red & blue

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If you are a fan of Lego toys, then you should definitely add these Lego Block Slippers to your collection. Its awesome design makes it look like a huge Lego block attached to your feet and feels quite comfortable. They come in blue and red as well, so both girls and guys can wear them without feeling awkward.

A great thing about them is that one size fits most people, so it’s a great gift for kids and adults alike. Although you’ll probably have extra wiggle room down there if your feet are smaller, it doesn’t take away from how nice and comfortable they feel.

Some kids might actually try to build something out of these slippers, which isn’t that great of an idea since you’d have to buy a bunch of more pairs in order to build something like a slipper castle. However, it’s great as a gift for your friends or family who love Lego blocks or just need a new pair of slippers.

The size of the slipper is roughly a men’s size 12, so it gives a lot of people with varying foot sizes the chance to wear it. It’s made of polyester, so you’ll have to hand wash these to make them last. If you own dogs, you should be careful as they’ll likely mistake it as a chewing toy.


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