Legendary Suitjamas


The Official Men’s Legendary Suitjamas says it all; it’s stylish sleepwear that’s designed to look like a suit for every gentleman who wants to add some class and style to their bedroom.

  • Made of silk
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pocket
  • Comfortable to wear

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When you’re in your pajamas, there are only two possible places that you can go to; either your bedroom to get ready for a goodnight sleep or a pajama/sleepover party which you could be invited to.

However, with the Legendary Suitjamas, there could be a bunch of more places that you can explore any time of the day, whether it’s going to a meeting at the office, out with colleagues or to a wedding. The best part of all is you can go straight to bed since you’re all set in the first place.

These Legendary Suitjamas also come with the ECP or Emergency Contraceptive Pocket which leaves you always prepared for what could happen later on. In fact, a note is sent to all men who ordered these suitjamas, warning that they might be very vulnerable to the ladies out there. Not only will these pajamas look great on you, but women will find them sexy and irresistible and sexy too. Perhaps there’s a product for women too that include something like a red blazer with a miniskirt and ECP as well, which would be awesome.

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