LED Word Clock


The LED Word Clock is an innovative, custom handcrafted clock by Doug Jackson which tells you the time with words. All of Jackson’s creations were handcrafted by him alone, which makes this clock very unique and classy.

  • Handcrafted design
  • Quality and reliability
  • Available in different colors

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This Word Clock could be one of the greatest pieces of art that you can have at home, as it’s unlike any other common clock. This clock doesn’t feature numbers; in fact, it doesn’t even have a single one. Handcrafted by the designer and maker himself, this Word clock is definitely made from quality materials and is carefully tested to make sure it works flawlessly.

The highlighted words, which are illuminated by LED represents the current time. For example: “IT IS TEN O’CLOCK” or “IT IS TEN MINUTES TO TWELVE”. While it really is very interesting, perhaps an alarm clock feature would be nice, especially with other words that could light up like: “AND YOU’RE LATE AGAIN” or “SO HURRY UP”.

This Word Clock may not be so cheap, but you are actually paying for its quality and unique idea. It could be a perfect novelty gift for someone like your spouse on special occasions, as it’s something that not everybody already has. It’s also a nice present for family and friends too, which will definitely be an eye catcher for guests. It’s also a great tool for those of you who fail at telling time from a standard 2 handed clock.

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