Furinno Lazy Bed Desk


The Lazy Bed Desk from Furinno is a portable laptop desk that’s fully adjustable and comes with two USB connected fans to help your laptop keep its cool performance whenever you’re using it.

  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Fully adjustable
  • 2 USB fans
  • Assembly not required

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Using your laptop for hours whether you’re at home or at work can make it really hot and damage the hard drive and other components. Although using a USB powered laptop cooler is a very popular choice for most users, having a fan plus a portable laptop desk has never been this stylish and dependable.

The Furinno Hidup Lazy Bed Desk is fully adjustable so you can position it however you want for the most comfortable experience. With this neat little thing, you could be in your bed answering your emails, on the couch browsing your enemy’s profile or even just sitting on the floor while watching funny dog videos with your pet dog. This bed desk is sure to keep your laptop cool no matter what you’re doing.

While you might get overwhelmed by it design and functionality, this portable desk is specifically made for laptops, so any other gadgets are not recommended to be placed on top of it such as microwaves or televisions. Be advised that some users have recommended using this in the bath tub, which is not the best advice. Unless you’ve got a waterproof laptop, which probably doesn’t exist, accidentally dropping it in with you can be fatal.

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