Kitchen Safe


The Kitchen Safe – Time Locking Container features a lock system that won’t let you put your hands inside it until the set time is up, no matter what. Great for preventing binge eating.

  • Made of high quality and sturdy BPA free material
  • Three times thicker than most containers
  • Lock time between 1 minute up to 10 days.

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If you find yourself constantly looking through the fridge for some snacks and can’t seem to handle your temptation, then you should get yourself the Kitchen Safe – Time Locking Container in order to control the urge. Once you decide to put something inside this container, there is no way that you can get your hands on it until the time you set expires. Works great with junk food, especially if you can’t help it and stuff your face the moment you lay eyes on them.

This locking container is a great idea for kids as well if they love snacking on sweet stuff like chocolates or chips. We all know how kids go crazy for these snacks and they would definitely go out of their way to find some—but with the lock system of the kitchen safe, they can’t do anything until the time is up.

This also works great for other addictions, such as watching too much TV or playing too many games. Put the remote and Xbox controllers into the container and set the timer to help control your temptations. Although it may work with phones if you are constantly texting and going on Facebook, let’s just hope that you don’t get important calls or messages that would force you to break the container open.

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