Kegel Vagina Exercise Balls


The Kegel Vagina Exercise Balls will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to prepare for some strenuous situations like giving birth. It has two different weights included in the package that are designed for beginners and for others who are used to using Kegel.

  • Improves pelvic muscles strength
  • Includes 2 different weights, 30mm 32g and 34mm 52.5g
  • Comfortable to use

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For women, there are some embarrassing times when they would leak some urine while sneezing, coughing, and even laughing. While some find it not so surprising, the truth is that there is something wrong that needs to be given attention as soon as possible.

The Kegel Vagina Exercise Balls are used to help the pelvic floor muscle to build its strength, which might have been previously weakened a bit when a woman gives birth, is overweight, underwent surgery or is aging. These kegel exercise balls are absolutely safe to use as they’re made of medical grade silicone and are latex free. They’re also hypoallergenic BPA free, perfectly hygienic and waterproof. They’re also very easy to use since all you need to do is lubricate it, stick it up there, and clench to work out the muscles.

Some women who are not familiar with how these exercise balls work have lots of questions in mind, such as if you’re supposed to orgasm or not. Although these exercise balls are meant to build the pelvic floor muscle, many users have reported that they’re a decent masturbator as well. However, it’s probably best to stick to the exercise if that’s what you bought them for. An eBook is also included as you receive the package which shows you how to perform the exercises as well.

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