Jumbo Elephant Drainer


The Jumbo Elephant Drainer is a great addition to your kitchen for drying up your cutlery. The elephant’s trunk serves as a drain for your newly washed cutlery and drips the water back into the sink without any mess at all.

  • Elephant shaped cutlery drainer
  • Plastic made
  • Grey in color
  • Space saving

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Whenever you wash your dishes, the water that drips from them can be annoying at times, especially if you have to wipe them off later. What’s more annoying is if it gets onto your kitchen countertop and leaves water stains, which you would have to wipe off as well. This Jumbo Elephant drainer will effectively dry your cutleries by draining all the water into the sink. It also looks great beside your kitchen sink and leaves no mess to clean up.

Although it would probably take a dinosaur with a long neck to achieve a similar function for dishes, this elephant shaped drainer works perfectly fine for cutleries. It has a cute design that includes a trunk used to drain the water back to the sink. However, just make sure that your Jumbo Elephant Drainer gets cleaned every now and then to avoid getting clogged trunk.

For less than $20, this item is also reasonably priced so that it could be bought as a gift for friends and families. People who have bought this claimed it’s quite sturdy, but would have liked suction cups or something to help hold the elephant in place.


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