iPad Arcade Cabinet


The ION iCade Arcade Bluetooth Cabinet for the iPad is the next best thing that you can get if you love playing arcade games on your tablet. Feel as if you’re playing in a real arcade with the included full-sized joystick and buttons.

  • Compatible with iPad
  • Free Atari games from the App Store
  • Connect via Bluetooth
  • The UK version is slightly different

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The ION iCade Arcade Bluetooth Cabinet for the iPad gives you a great retro gaming experience, especially if you are an avid fan of Atari Classic games such as Asteroids, Centipedes and Battlezone. This old school gaming cabinet comes with a full-sized joystick and buttons that are used to control the game completely. You won’t have to spend any more hours holding your iPad, which means less problems for your wrist later on.

Upon purchase of the ION iCade Arcade Bluetooth Cabinet, you can already start playing with it as it already includes 2 AA batteries and is pretty easy to use. What most users love about it besides its sturdy design and retro look is that it brings back the old times when we had no clue how much technology would change.

There’s also a long list of games that can be played with your iPad Arcade cabinet that can give you hours of fun. Another great feature is that it will automatically sleep if you don’t play for a while, and will resume when you use it again. This will help conserve your batteries and let you play exactly where you left off.

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