Images You Should Not Masturbate To Book


The Images You Should Not Masturbate To Book shows funny photos that you’re not supposed to take sexual pleasure from. There are just certain things out there that you shouldn’t feel the primal urge for.

  • Absolutely hilarious
  • Perfect addition for coffee table books
  • Paperback edition

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The book is serious with what it tells the readers they shouldn’t feel, as no one should find any of the images inside sexually arousing. The Images You Should Not Masturbate To Book contains various funny pictures for you to check if it turns you on or not. Perhaps you’re tired of watching ordinary porn and need something more… unique.

While some of the people who’ve read the book say that the book actually made their hands stick to the pages, literally, some find it true to the title. An old, naked man, holding an axe might be just an ordinary gag photo but for some it’s a part of their wild, sexual fantasies.

It makes a great gift, whether your intentions are to make them laugh or to help someone with their masturbation problem. So if you’ve got a teenage son who’s always locking his bedroom door in the morning, afternoon and night, make sure he knows that masturbating to a salt shaker is not normal.

There’s also the chance that you may encourage a sexual attraction to odd things. Maybe you’ll give it to someone as a gag gift who might end up becoming aroused from old men with axes or sexy poodles wearing wigs.


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