Hypnotized Light Up Bra


This Hypnotized Light Up Bra will drop everyone’s jaw—not only because of what’s hidden underneath those cups, but also because of its vibrant display of bright colors that’s especially noticeable in dark places such as clubs or concerts.

  • Features 4 glowing wires of different colors
  • Quality push-up bras
  • Comes with 3–mode battery pack

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Women love to wear beautiful and comfortable bras for everyday use, but if they need to go to a party, club or a concert, the Hypnotized Light Up Bra is a must have. This bra comes with 4 different colored glowing wires powered by batteries. To add some variety, you can switch from fast blinking, slow blinking and permanently on depending on how you want to wear it. Of course, just the fact that you are wearing this bra is already awesome, but heads will really start to turn when the lights are dim.

Now, don’t think that this is just for partying or having a good time only. If you have this Hypnotized Light Up Bra, you can actually use this as a flashlight in case of emergency such as power outage or during outdoor trips or camping. However, make sure you don’t leave your light up bra around, especially if you have kids at home. Not only will they might play with it, but they might also use it. The worst case scenario is seeing your son wear it.

The best part of having this bra is that despite all its flashy features, you still get a comfortable feel while wearing it, so if you wish to give it your girlfriends too, they surely won’t be disappointed.

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