Huge XAVT Swiss Army Knife


The Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ XAVT is definitely one of the most useful Swiss army knives when it comes down to the number of things it can do. The high quality materials used In Victorinox products ensure a long lasting knife.

  • 80 essential functions
  • Digital clock, barometer and thermometer
  • Can opener, scissors, LED light and ball point pen
  • Fits in a pocket

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For those of you who travel a lot or love going on outdoor trips, you would know how hard it is sometimes to plan what to bring and make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Often times you will find yourself packing everything that you might need, resulting in a huge, unorganized backpack full of things you probably won’t even use.

The Huge XAVT Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox can help you with that problem, as it has 80 different tools built into one that fits nicely in your pocket. Just imagine if your wife suddenly forgot to have her nails done before camping out; that would be a total disaster. With this neat tool, you actually have a nail file for a quick fix, so how cool is that?

Aside from the obvious knife that’s included, it also comes with a LED light function that’s great for camping at night, especially if you suspect that there are bears or serial killers roaming around the area. If you have to be up early in the morning, then you don’t have to rely on your phone since this Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ XAVT also has an alarm function to wake you up. Just be sure you don’t leave the knife open as you may cut your hands when you try to hit snooze.

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