How To Shit In The Woods Book Third Edition


Having to answer the call of nature when you’re in the woods can be a problem, when you consider the other living creatures around you while you do your business. How to Shit In The Woods will help you become more comfortable taking a dump in the middle of nowhere.

  • Paperback edition
  • Best for outdoor schools, wilderness programs even military troops
  • 136 pages


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No matter where you are, when it’s time to go, you gotta go. Ideally, you want to find a place to take a crap so that you don’t shit yourself. How to Shit In The Woods was written to help you successfully poop in the wild, whether you’re on a field trip or a training camp site.

When you’re on a trip really close to nature, it’s quite common to need to go number two. However, you don’t simply want drop the bomb anywhere, since people might find it and it may not be earth friendly.

You’ll learn many useful things, including the importance of digging a hole for your poop to rest in peace, the most ideal pooping spots and the perfect alternative for tissue paper. Everyone knows leaves are great for wiping purposes, but do you know whether to use fresh green or the dried ones? This book will definitely help you on that matter and much more.

If you or your friends and family love exploring nature, this book can come in handy. Just remember to let everybody else read it before they do the deed, since you wouldn’t want to be there giving them instructions while the pooping has commenced.


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