How To Poo On A Date Book


If you’ve ever experienced being turned down by your date since you accidentally pooped your pants, then you need to get yourself this How To Poo On A Date Book so that you don’t repeat the same mistake ever again.

  • Paperback edition
  • Information on how to survive toilet-related problems while on a date
  • 144 pages

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Anyone will agree that pooping is natural part of everyone’s lives, but it will become a bit awkward if you need to take a massive dump in the middle of a lovely date. If you ever found yourself in this situation, either as the ‘pooper’ or the disgusted date, then you’ll know it’s not a pleasant scenario.

The How To Poo On A Date Book contains valuable yet hilarious information on how to plan your way out this mess if you’re ever caught between the toilet and your date. This book will help you cover you tracks so that no one can detect what you were doing or how you did it. You can become a ninja pooper in no time!

Going on a date is a very important step in getting to know a person that you might spend the rest of your life with, and if you think you found him or her and went on a date, surely you don’t want to spoil it all with a simple mistake. Don’t spend half an hour on the toilet or come out smelling like you just pooped what you ate 5 days ago.


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