Hanging Harry Light Pull


Light up your room and have a laugh with this Hanging Harry Light Pull. It’s a miniature model of a person that looks as if he’s being hanged, and is perfect for your hard to reach light.

  • Constructed with 100% synthetic rubber
  • Anti-slip and comfortable grip
  • Cord measuring 39-inch is also included
  • Precisely designed Harry measures 5.3”x 1.8”x 1.2”

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Manufactured by Suck UK, the Hanging Harry Light Pull is a funny looking little thing. Lighting up a room has never been such a fun and different experience. Harry is a dead character who can’t do much but help you to switch on the light. It is made of soft and long lasting material with an exceptional grip that works perfectly even with wet or slippery hands. These features make it a viable option to be used as a light pull for the washroom or kitchen.

It’s 5.3-inch tall, which is a perfect size to fit firmly in your hand. Its heat resistant and non-stick exterior ensures a comfortable handling experience. Moreover, it restricts the growth of micro-organisms with its inert behavior, so it’s hygienically safe to handle even in damp and humid atmospheres.

Harry looks great while he’s hanging helplessly and is always at your service. The package includes a 39-inch of cord, which is more than enough to hang it to a height that you need. It won’t slip or break apart, no matter how hard you pull it. You can adjust the rope to get a perfect reachable height where hanging Harry can be easily spotted.


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