Gun Shaped Comb


With this Gun Shaped Comb, everyone is going to think that you’re going to blow your head off. Unlike other combs, this one has a mafia themed twist so that you finally start feeling excited about combing your hair.

  • Made of high grade ABS resin material
  • Comes in black for a realistic look
  • A perfect toy gun

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Although some people associate guns with violence and absolutely hate them, this Gun Shaped Comb is quite innocent and harmless. The comb works as well as any other comb, so you can expect it to get the job done. The comb is quite durable, as it’s made of high grade ABS resin material that gives it a nice shine and feel.

The Gun Shaped Comb is a perfect addition to your drawer, since you don’t have to fill it up with regular, boring combs anymore. This comb can bring more life and personalization to it and give you a nice smile every time you open your drawer. For the first time in your life, you are actually going to enjoy putting a gun to your head. It could also be handy to bring along with you when you’re taking a shortcut through a dark alleyway and need to strike fear into the hearts of potential enemies. The comb comes in black and looks quite realistic from distance.


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