Grilled Cheesus Maker


What do you call Jesus on a piece of toast with cheese? This Grilled Cheesus Maker prints Jesus on every sandwich that goes into your toaster. You can then sprinkle cheese on top and enjoy eating a Cheesus.

  • Make sandwiches with Jesus’ face on them
  • Non-stick plates makes it easy to clean
  • Even distribution of heat to ensure a perfect toast every time
  • Only available from the US



If you think Jesus can make good things happen to your life, why not eat a Jesus sandwich every day? This Grilled Cheesus Maker is going to bring more fun and spirituality to your boring breakfasts by toasting a Jesus portrait on your sandwiches. With this intuitive sandwich press, you can eat a Jesus every day and live a holy life.

The Grilled Cheesus can easily make great sandwiches. It’s a medium-sized grilled press, which is great for making tasty cheese sandwiches with Jesus on them. Although this product walks a fine line between offensive and not offensive, most users love how it can make a mean grilled cheese sandwich. The profits from this product are donated to help other people, as mentioned by the manufacturer on the website. All in all, Ii’s a great way to start your days with a ‘holy’ smile.

The best thing about this product is that the food comes out rich and crunchy. The plates are easy to clean since nothing is going to stick to these non-stick plates. The sandwich press is so easy to use that you’re probably going to make a nice Cheesus sandwich on your first try.


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