Greedy Pig Money Box


Do you think you can’t be rich by saving pennies? This tiny Greedy Pig Money Box is going to make you enjoy saving money for the first time in your life. This funny coin box is half a pig that can be placed in any container to work like a piggy bank.

  • Made of high quality plastic that retains its shine for years
  • Save money with a smile on your face
  • Turn any container into a piggy bank

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Piggy banks are a great little tool to save money, especially for kids who think that a few bucks can buy them everything they want. If you have one at home, then you’ve probably already started to throw some pennies into it. Although it may never be enough to make you rich, some extra money saved can prove to be a great help in difficult times. This Greedy Pig Money Box will motivate you to save more.

This money box is made of high quality plastic with a nice, shiny pink finish. To make it look like the pig is sticking its head into something to eat your coins, only half of the pig is included (the rear end). This greedy pig makes a great display on your desk as well, and might even convince people to put coins in there to feed it.

The best part about this thing is that you can put it on any container to turn it into a money box. This means you won’t have to break a piggy bank every time it’s full to collect your savings. Better yet, you can buy this for your kids and then steal some coins every now and then, which wouldn’t be possible with a typical piggy bank that you’d have to break.


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