Golf Swing Analyzer


Ever wanted to perfect your golf swing? If you can swing it like a pro, you are definitely going to be a hit at your local club. This 3D Gold Swing Analyzer tracks your swings so that you can review them later from an angle you desire. Just pan and zoom any way you want.

  • Full 360 degrees swing review
  • Analyzes your swing by monitoring critical aspects of your swing
  • Improves your game without ever boring you like a traditional coach
  • Exclusive video content and a dedicated trainer center

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Aside from getting a personal golf trainer, there’s likely no less expensive way to improve your golf swing other than to use the Golf Swing Analyzer. This is an extremely useful tool for anyone who wants to take a closer look at their golf swing and learn how to improve it. This analyzer lets you view your golf swings after a session so that you can monitor your weak areas and discover the little things that you could be doing differently. It also analyzes your game by recording different metrics such as swing speed, hand and hip movement, club plane, tempo, as well as backswing position. You will miraculously improve your game with this digital trainer and coach.

The Golf Swing Analyzer is easy to use, since all you need to do is mount it to your golf glove and start swinging. The sensor on the gadget records and collects data for you, and you can even connect this gadget to your smartphone to get instant feedback and analysis of your game. Once the Golf Swing Analyzer is setup and ready to send data to your smartphone, the device automatically syncs data with your mobile app after each swing.

Video credit: Mote Scaggs


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