GingerDead Cookie Cutter


The GingerDead Cookie Cutter is great for anyone who wants cut traditional gingerbread man styled cookies and add a little scare to them. This cutter creates skeletal impressions on the cookies, making the Gingerdead man that your kids are going to love on Halloween.

  • An ideal gift for Halloween
  • Anyone can use it
  • Made of high grade food-safe plastic

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Have you ever heard of Gingerdead men? No? Well, now you can conveniently make them in your home using this easy-to-use Gingerdead Cookie Cutter. You can use this cookie cutter to cut out the shape and then stamp the skeletal design on it to make a Gingerdead man. It’ so easy to use that even your kids can prepare cookies for the big day without your help. Using these is also a great way to get your kids involved this Halloween.

This cookie cutter is made of high grade plastic that’s food safe, so you can use it without worrying about your family’s health. This also means that it’s dishwasher safe. The material is pretty durable too, so you can expect to make Gingerdead men ten years from now. Well, unless there’s an army of them plotting to murder you for eating their friends.

The Gingerdead Cookie Cutter weighs only 21.1 ounces and cuts a cookie measuring 1 ½ inches x 4 ¼ inches. Although the cutter only cuts unbaked cookies, the baked cookies can rise and be somewhat larger in size later on. You can even fill in the cookies’ impressions with royal icing to make it look more like skeleton bones. However, it’s not included and you’ll need to get merengue powder to make it.




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