Giant Robot Slippers


Although you may know how to do “the robot”, you’ll never master it without robot feet. These Giant Robot Slippers are the perfect footwear for when you want to give up your human traits and live a life of a robot. These slippers even produce realistic vrrrrrr-clank sound when you walk.

  • Realistic look and feel
  • Extremely comfortable and easy to wear
  • Realistic robot sound when walking
  • Only available from the US



These awesome Giant Robot Slippers are made for humans but they are definitely inspired by something from the ‘machine’ world. They even produce a robot’s mechanical clanking sound when you walk in them to add to the fun. People around you will definitely turn their heads as they hear a robot walking by. They’re great to wear at conventions, costume parties, or any other indoor event.

If you’ve some extra robot gear like the helmet, body armor, and leggings, then definitely grab a pair of these to complete your robot costume. If you’re exceptionally good at doing the robot, people will definitely think you’re actually a robot, especially with the extra sound effects from the slippers.

These slippers come in only one size of 8 x 14 in., which is big enough to fit a man with size 12 feet. A woman with size 14 can comfortably wear these as well. Since these are so comfortable, some customers with larger sizes say they still fit for the most part. The Giant Robot Slippers are made of soft yet durable material and is designed in a way to fit all size feet. For example, the shoe will grip your calf and make it easy to move even for someone with a very small foot size. They will make a perfect gift for birthdays and Halloween parties, especially for kids.

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