Giant Ear iPhone 4 – 4s Case


Want to make sure that you never miss a call on your iPhone again? Just put them inside these large funky ears. Although these ears won’t actually listen to your calls, they will give you a chance to stand out from the crowd with your iPhone 4/4s.

  • iPhone 4/4s protective case
  • Made of high quality silicon rubber
  • Looks ridiculously funny

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iPhone cases are a great way to customize your phone experience and show your style and to the world. If you want a unique case that’s sure to grab the attention of everyone around you, try this Giant Ear iPhone case. It fits the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s perfectly and makes your phone look like a giant ear. So the next time you get a phone call in public, everyone will see you holding a giant ear next to your head and wonder what you’re doing.

This iPhone case provides the ultimate protection and still lets you use the phone’s important functions. For example, you can access the volume buttons through the rubber, so adjusting volume is actually possible. You just have to push a little harder on the edges of the ear, but you won’t be able to access charger or headphones port since it’s blocked. So, to use these ports, you will need to take the iPhone out of its Big Ear case.

This Giant Ear iPhone 4/4s Case is a perfect gift for Christmas for anyone who still has this iPhone model. It’s definitely going to turn a lot of heads and give you a unique style. It is made of high quality silicon rubber that provides the necessary flexibility and stability to protect your phone.

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