Galaxy Duvet Sets


Although Earth is but a mere speck in the Milky Way, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the galaxy. Transform your bed into one using the Galaxy Duvet bedding set. It comes with 2 matching pillows a queen-sized bed sheet.

  • Smooth, soft, and comfortable
  • The print never fades
  • Made of high quality satin
  • Duvet cover, pillow case, and flat sheet

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The Galaxy Duvet sets are a great way to add some spice to your bedroom, as they can turn any bed into a magical galaxy. This set comes with a duvet cover, flat sheet, and two pillow cases so that you can truly immerse yourself into deep space when sleeping. You’ll definitely feel peaceful in your sleep as you dream away in space, in a far-away galaxy.

The Duvet set can be ordered in any size to match your bed size. You can order the full size measuring 90×78 in., king size measuring 90×104 in., queen size measuring 90×88 in. and twin size measuring 90×64 in. The design resembles a beautiful galaxy with vibrant colors that’s a work of art in itself. Just pick the one that fits your bed and you’ll be ready to explore the universe.

Customers who have tried these sets especially like how comfortable and smooth it is, as it’s made of satin that feels like silk. Best of all, the print won’t fade even after washing it many times. It’s also environment friendly and can be easily washed in a washing machine.


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