Humunga Chomp Dog Toy


The Humunga Chomp Dog Toy is probably one of the funniest toys that you could ever give your dog. It’s like any ordinary ball toy except it’s got printed human teeth on it to make your dog look like they have a big smile.

  • One size fits all types of dogs
  • Non-toxic
  • Great gift and fun to play with

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If your dogs love to play fetch or chew everything up in your house, then giving them this funny toy will be a great way to keep them busy and away from mischief. The Humunga Chomp Dog Toy is a 2 ½ inch ball that comes with an imprinted pair of human teeth. The ball fits both puppies and adult dogs, so you can make sure even the little guy has a nice big smile.

Playing with your dogs is a great way for both of you to have fun, especially if you see them enjoying this kind of ball. The human teeth printed on the ball makes them look like they’re always giving you a ridiculously huge smile. It’s probably a good thing that they don’t know how funny they look while playing with the ball, otherwise they’ll hate you forever.

Have your camera ready whenever you play with this Humunga Chomp Dog Toy as you’ll never know when they’re ready for a funny shot. Since the teeth are on one side of the ball, either all the teeth could be showing or only a part of them. Sideways teeth are quite funny as well.

This ball is great as a gift for family and friends who have pet dogs as well, and makes a memorable experience. You can gather all your lovely dogs together and have them pose for a cool picture, and have it framed for the dogs to see as they get older and want to remember the good ol’ days when they had a full set of teeth.


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