Froggy Style Salt & Pepper


Bring something new into your kitchen to replace those lame salt and pepper shakers that your grandparents used. These Froggy Style Salt & Pepper Shakers are made of high quality ceramic and its makes a funny gift.

  • Hilarious frog-shaped cartoons
  • Easy to refill and use
  • Long lasting

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Sprinkling salt and pepper has never been this much fun. These crazy Froggy Style Salt & Pepper Shakers are a perfect gift as they come in a colorful gift box. They’re made from high quality ceramic and work even better than traditional shakers.

The Froggy Style Salt & Pepper Shakers are cute and hilarious at the same time, as girls especially will find them adorable. Aside from being a great decorative item, putting these on your dining table will encourage your guests to use them and have a laugh. These cute shakers have a wide mouth so that you don’t have to worry about getting salt or pepper stuck in there. Customers say these shakers don’t show any signs of wear and tear and will work flawlessly for years to come. Unlike some other fancy shakers, these ones are actually quite easy to refill and clean.

Since these Froggy Style Shakers are made of ceramic, they’ll need to be washed by hand. So, if you don’t put them in your dishwasher, you can expect their shine to last for years.


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